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June 9, 2023

Author: Dawn Kendrick

Published: 2/7/2017 10:49:24 PM

Updated: 11:25 PM EST February 7, 2017

It's a different beat they march to at SOZA Fitness and Wellness in Parma.

Ask Heidi Sathre and Terri Pasierb who lost 330 lbs between them.

Their secret weapon?

Their "SOZA personal trainer/friend/therapist" DK Jones.

"She's been life changing," says Sathre.

Jones' infectious trademark laugh hints at the mojo of this former chemist, turned personal trainer whose whole mission in Parma is to uplift, inspire, transform.

"A lot of people are broken. So its like church. This is my church. Literally this is my sanctuary. It helps you to become whole. Here is where you learn discipline and perseverance through the other facets of your life," says Jones.

"I did it with all clean eating. No supplements. No surgery. Nothing. Plain hard work, dedication and motivation," says Pasierb.

"170 pounds! She lost an entire person! And she got rid of everything that went with it, the emotional baggage. You just feel better. You feel stronger. We know movement heals. It's not all about always the number on the scale or the inches you're losing. It's about healing. It's about good hormone release, endorphins," says Jones.

"My energy level is off the hook. And this place is like family. It's like the cheers of gyms where everyone who walks in here knows your name," says Sathre.

"It's a new me. A better me in every aspect of my life. I feel like I'm more focused," says Pasierb

It's a healthy portion size of inspiration, in this story of entrepreneur and physical trainer, DK Jones.

Seeing The Possible and transforming lives 1 lb and one mind at a time.

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