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June 9, 2023

Creating a Formula For Success With "Hippie Chemist"

By Karlynn Wells Ohio

PUBLISHED 9:53 AM ET Apr. 09, 2021

CLEVELAND — Diawn Jones has been a chemist for more than 25 years. She’s worked as an industrial coating chemist at DuPont and most recently as a technician at an auto chemistry lab for the Cleveland Clinic, and now she is the owner of Soza Fitness and Wellness, using her chemistry skills to make items like this salt scrub.

What You Need To Know

  • A northeast Ohio woman who saw the need for all-natural total body care products is making them herself
  • She is using the skills she gained in science labs
  • The Hippie Chemist products are handmade items that focus one holistic health

“The science that's behind the coating is the same science principles that I use to develop my products," Jones said.

Jones is also the owner of the Hippie Chemist.

“When I say hippie, I mean just living a sustainable, loving of everything — humans, animals, the earth, your environment, yourself — that type of lifestyle," Jones said.

The business has allowed her to merge her two loves — wellness and chemistry — to create products such as body butters, facial scrubs, healing sprays and skin ointments. Each item is handmade made with passion and precision.

Sustainability and self-love lifestyle was introduced to her at a young age.

“Even my mom, like she would make things like, get some shea butter, and we'll throw a little bit of avocado in it and that's what we're using for you know to moisturize our skin,” Jones said.

Jones said she didn’t set out to start a business selling her products — products that she used on a regular basis.

“People would come to me like, what should I eat what about my gut health? I have eczema, you know, do you have anything for this, and I’m like you know what, let me do some research really quick and kind of come up with something," she said.

She said through the coronavirus pandemic, Hippie Chemist has been a business she can rely on.

"I wish I could tell you how much the community has been supporting small businesses. With the online things, I would have people just share my posts just, just to you know help get it out there, so the support has been so real. I’m just so appreciative of that," she said.

For more information on the Hippie Chemist, click here.

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