Sue Shofner

I have been teaching various classes for the last 14 years at Lady of America. I use to weigh 180 pounds and then someone at a party asked me when I was due? But I was not pregnant...LOL. So I started taking yoga classes and then eventually joined Lady of America. As a member I was taking so many classes, that the owner asked me to become a certified instructor. I have taught high impact aerobics, step circuit, double step, relaxation yoga, and also pilates. I am a certified personal trainer as well. I turned 58 in November and don't feel it at all. Exercise plus biking have turned my life around. I have 2 sons, and 3 grandkids that can't keep up with me. My full time job at TGI Fridays also has kept me very busy for the past 13 years. I am widowed for 5 years and single at present. I love my life as I move forward with new opportunities and grateful for the chance to renew and begin again at Soza Fitness and Wellness... as they say "one door closes and another one opens."