Nanci Jones Willford

I’ve had a gym membership for over 10 years with one gym or another. Going to the gym was great but there was no real structure and no real results. I was introduced to Soza Fitness & Wellness in August through a friend who invited me to a ZUMBA® class. After attending my first ZUMBA® class I fell in love!! I began Soza just for ZUMBA®, but soon found the other classes offered to be just as lovely! I went from paying per class to a VIP member, so I could take advantage of as many classes as possible a month. I’m disappointed if I can’t get at least two classes a day in! I’ve lost over 30lbs in the last 4 months attending Soza. I’ve not only seen progress in my weight loss, but also in my strength, and over all love for fitness. I love the variety of classes, the instructors and the overall friendly environment! I love Soza fitness! I am also a Zumba® and Zumba Toning™ Instructor at Soza, and also the owner of an Allstate Insurance Agency.